Dictatorship? Oligarchy? Plutocracy? This Infographic Will Get You Up To Speed

With so much press, so many media outlets, private bloggers, and political rhetoric these days it is hard to fully understand everything that is thrown out there. Words like dictatorship and fascism are used on the regular to strike fear and remembrance of a time where that type of rule meant poverty and death for many.

Beyond these two descriptions that, ironically do happen to fit President Trump and his band of deplorables, there are several other categories of rule that may fit into the big picture as well.

Photo via Pinterest.

Some of these are hard to understand by just their destination. For example, Technocracy can often be associated with the way that the Soviet Union was run. Junta can be associated with the Argentinian government and military input into media relations and much more, especially during the 1970’s.

One of the major things to remember is to make sure you are thoroughly educated on these subjects in order to be capable of understand what the government is doing around you as well as being able to educate others. In the world today, with so much misinformation, being uneducated on your government can be detrimental to your safety.

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