Teen Attempts Suicide Via Facebook Live, Deputies Save Her Life (TRIGGER WARNING)

Trigger Warning: There are mentions of graphic scenes and content.

A girl in Central Georgia attempted suicide via Facebook live. Luckily, Facebook users who recognized her called the police, and they were able to save her life. When the deputies found her, she had consumed pills and placed a plastic bag over her head.

Image via The United Methodist Church

She streamed her plans over Facebook before consuming the pills. The police received a call from a “concerned adult” about 20 minutes after the video began. The deputies came in through the bathroom window and found the girl unconscious on the floor. Luckily, she is doing okay now and will go home soon.

Bibb County Sargent Linda Howard told NBC News:

“This is our first case like this. It was likely a cry for help. When you’re doing something like that live, you’re hoping someone will stop you … Deputies on the scene were happy they were able to save her and bring her back to her family.”

Howard also urged teens to speak up if they are concerned for a friend. Don’t just ask your friend if they are okay or tell them not to do it. Call 9-1-1. Your local police and sheriff’s deputies are there to help.

Sheriff David Davis told the newspaper:

“It’s a good thing that the people watching this called it in. Those people did the right thing.”

Davis also said:

“… We are a voyeuristic society. It’s really troubling that you have things like this, to have access to people being able to put something up live, as it happens. … We see more often that it ends in regret.”

This comes after we have experienced a string of violent videos posted via Facebook Live. Facebook announced this week that they are hiring an additional 3,000 people on top of the 4,500 people they already have to review videos posted on Facebook Live. They hope to get these videos taken down sooner in the event of something bad being posted.

Featured image via Twitter.

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