Tucker Carlson: Trump Staring At Sun Is ‘Most Impressive Thing Any President Has Done’

The sycophantic hosts at Fox News never fail to praise President Trump, no matter what he does. Whether he’s saying some neo-Nazi marchers in Virginia were “fine people” or taking cheap shots at a foreign leader, the Fox team is always quick with a round of applause.

And that’s what makes something Fox host Tucker Carlson said Monday evening even harder to decipher. Carlson commented that nearly everyone in the United States stopped briefly to observe the solar eclipse earlier in the day, then adding:

“Even the president saw it, but—in a move that is not a complete surprise—he looked directly at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing a president’s ever done.”


What?! Is he joking? Probably, but that’s exactly the point: Fox News heaps so much adoration on Trump that it can be difficult to tell where the butt kissing ends and the BS begins. In other words, as one person commented on Twitter:

“Parody became reality tonight.”

Others on social media also joined the debate:

So yes, Carlson was more than likely having some fun with what he said. But how exactly are we supposed to distinguish hype from hokum when Fox is forever fawning over every syllable that leaves Trump’s mouth? Maybe if Fox News actually focused on being more about the “news” and dialed back the pro-Trump propaganda, we could take them seriously. But as long as they allow people like Sean Hannity on their network, they’ll always be a laughingstock.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab