Racist White Woman Picks The WRONG Little Lady To Mess With, Gets Her A** Kicked

UPDATE: The racist lady has been charged.

Summer Cortts, 39, a Boca Raton, Fla., resident, has been charged with disorderly conduct and inciting an affray, a legal term that basically means “fighting.” The incident took place Tuesday at a La Quinta in Coral Springs.

Can you say “iron fist in a velvet glove”? Or “big things come in small packages”?

colleen dagg racist white woman
Colleen Dagg via Twitter

Colleen Dagg (we think that’s her name) didn’t appreciate a racist comment from another woman who was staying at the same hotel, and after the woman got in her face, Colleen accepted the challenge.

From The Root:

A Florida white woman is being called a hero for beating the crap out of a racist white woman after the fight was recorded and posted to social media.

Before the start of the video, which made its way to social media on Wednesday, the woman in the blue dress apparently said something racist about Haitians to Colleen Dagg, the woman who handed out the ass whooping. After the woman in the blue dress gets into Dagg’s face and hits her, Dagg pops off as hotel employees look on.


via NBC Miami:

In the video, 23-year-old Colleen Dagg is involved in a confrontation with a white woman in a teal dress, identified by Coral Springs Police as 39-year-old Summer Cortts.

I LOVE how the lady in the blue dress started crying about being pregnant after she got her a** whipped and humiliated. Was she thinking about her unborn child when she got racist and got into another woman’s face? Forgive me for being unsympathetic. I hope her baby is OK and I hope she gives it up for adoption so he/she can be raised to be a better person.

Furthermore, apparently when the police showed up, the racist chick lied and said she was attacked. Cowardly racists abound.

Colleen Dagg explained via Twitter why she did what she did.

She’s right. I know all too well what can happen as a white woman traveling with a black man. I wonder how I’d react if someone approached us that way? I’m not a fighter, to be honest, but I have a bit of a hot fuse when it comes to issues like this and someone dissing me and my beloved could potentially set it off.

Austin, the young man who originally uploaded the video, lost his job over posting it. Here is the original tweet:

Here is his explanation.

Be sure to give Austin a follow on Twitter and someone hurry up and hire this rock star!

We found Colleen on Instagram and Twitter, so follow her there. She doesn’t seem to be a hugely active social media user. I bet she just doesn’t have time to be on social media. After all, being a total farking bada** takes a lot of time! You go, girl.

racist white woman ass whipped colleen dagg
Colleen Dagg via Instagram

We’ve reached out to Colleen and her companion for comment and will update this if they get in touch with us.

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