Trump’s Attempt To Shame NFL Players With Hockey Video Backfires BIGLY

It’s been a busy weekend for President Trump. When he wasn’t playing golf, he was rage tweeting about his tepid response to the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

In-between those two extremes, Trump thought it would be a grand idea to double back and comment on professional football players kneeling in protest during the national anthem. He grabbed his cell phone and sent out this message with his tiny baby hands:

Yes, it’s a video from a hockey game. But there’s a problem with that video: It was shot at a hockey game on November 9, 2016. It’s nearly a year old, but Trump thought he could pass it off because he believes everything he sees on the internet.

Instead of doing his damn job and taking care of the people of Puerto Rico, instead of offering to do whatever he cold to help fellow Americans desperately in need of assistance, this douche nozzle decided he’d try and change the subject yet again. His presidency is in the toilet, so he’s thrashing around in an attempt to divert our attention.

Fortunately, there was plenty of ridicule for the Orange Menace on social media:

What makes Trump’s fake outrage over the players kneeling even more galling is this: The man pretending to be offended may well have committed treason with Russia. Who in the hell is he to lecture anyone on patriotism?

h/t AddictingInfo

Featured Image Via Yahoo News