How To Not Get A Speeding Ticket When Pulled Over By A Cop, Via Quora Site

Something we as liberals (and I, as a woman married to a black man) spend a lot of time studying is how to keep from getting killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop. I’m a Quora site user and found an interesting post about what happens when you get pulled over by a police officer.

Let’s be clear: I’m a white woman. I’m at minimal risk unless I start acting crazy and/or waving a gun around. But my husband? I worry about his safety every time he goes out.

With that said, we have to remember that most police officers are the good guys. Well…from my perspective, anyhow. Your opinion may differ.

I read an interesting Quora site article that discussed how not to get killed by a cop. The post wasn’t meant to address that, but one Quora user gave a remarkable response to the question:

When stopped for speeding and the officer asks, “Do you know why I stopped you?” Should you say, “yes I was going 65 in a 45”, or just clam up and say very little? (Quora Site)

Read this gentleman’s response. It might help you avoid getting a ticket…or it might save your life.

There’s a secret handshake for officers that lets them know you’re an informed citizen. Any time you ever get pulled over, put your hands at ten and two on the wheel. Do not fidget, do not move. Many officers get shot in the face in the line of duty when approaching cars and they do not know if you’re a regular citizen or a criminal. They love to be able to see your hands. If your squirming, it may signal something is wrong, and they are taught to assume the worst for their own safety. Always make sure the officer can see your hands. It’s just a courtesy to them, and you can easily put them at ease by doing so.

Never admit to knowing you did something wrong. The less you say the better. This why the very first Miranda right is, “you have the right to remain silent.” Officers are trained to know the smell of alcohol on your breath, and if you watch closely, every time you get pulled over, they will inhale through the nose as you[r] answer. The correct response to “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Is “No idea.”

Do not argue, do not plead or beg. Say as little as possible. If asked if you know how fast you were going, again, “No idea.” Short, clear answers let the officer know that you know your rights and they may not want to go through the hassle of having to write you a ticket. When he asks for your license and registration, before you take your hands off the wheel, look at him and clearly state that you are reaching for your license, where ever it is. Than (sic) clearly state you are reaching for your registration from the glove box, if it’s in there. You may feel stupid, but the extra clarity will establish more trust.

Be courteous and respectful. Cops who are assholes have seen some dark things and have an embittered view of the world because of these experiences. Do not try to be friends, because they will get you to slip up, but be kind and professional. If you follow this protocol you are much less likely to get a ticket since the officer may assume you are related to a cop or a lawyer or someone in the know.

As for arguing the ticket, if the officer does write you up, you can always argue that you were watching the other cars and going with the flow of traffic. “The safest thing to do was to maintain the speed I was traveling.”

Reference: Quora Site

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