Women’s Health Care Should Cost More…’They Have Breasts’

Over the years, Fox News has certainly had some doozies on their broadcasts. No, I do not mean family of Steve Doocy, although he certainly does qualify. Anything from paid actors posing as experts to fake camera footage of riots is nothing strange to the casting roles of Fox Spews…err, I mean “News.”

On Tuesdays broadcast of Fox and Friends, hosts Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade welcomed into their discussion Dr. David Samadi to get his opinion on what is more commonly known now as ObamaCare. Doctor Samadi is the Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine. He is actually a world renowned expert in his field, and patients from all corners of the Earth seek him out for his expertise in concerns for men’s health.

An actual bona fide expert on Fox News?? I know…SHOCKER!

However, Fox and Friends didn’t invite Samadi to the show in order to gain his expertise in men’s health concerns for another round of “Obama is trying to kill us all with ObamaCare.” Samadi was invited to the show to discuss women’s health and why ObamaCare is so unfair to men. Considering that by his own admission none of Samadi’s patients are women, this is where Samadi loses that ‘bona fide expert’ title and slips into that same ‘expert idiot’ category that so many of Fox’s consultants seem to wear so proudly.

During the four minute women bashing segment, Samadi asserted his belief that women should be required to pay more for health care because of all of their extra lady parts that men don’t have, and that women on average live 5-6 years longer than men.

According to Samadi:

Look, it’s not bias, I’m not saying this as a man. They go through a lot of preventive screenings, they give birth, they have the whole mammogram, the Pap smear. Guys, we don’t like to go to doctors, right? Seventy percent of health care decisions are made by women. In my own practice, I see it’s the women who bring the guys, who say, go get screened. […]Women live until age 81 and men live only until 76. So, we’re using the health care system much less. […]Women have the breasts, they have the ovaries, they have the uterus. They get checked in every part.

Are you disgusted yet?? Wait. It gets better.

Gretchen Carlson has these rare moments of clarity where she routinely gets upset by the abuse from her co-hosts, and storms off set when the woman bashing begins. Carlson brought up several good points where she questioned Dr. Sexist’s reasoning, to which he responded with this visibly horrified look of “how dare you question me, you feeble minded woman” toward Carlson. The most hilarious comment from the whole segment was when Carlson brought up the subject of maternity and how she believed that should be a shared responsibility between both parents since it takes both a man and a woman to create a pregnancy.

The doctor’s actual reply:

“Not always.”

It was at this point that the ‘facepalm’ heard around the world was the collective medical community at large simultaneously doing their “I could’ve had a V8” forehead smack where they then asked themselves, “We really gave this guy a license to practice medicine?”

Yes, Dr. Dumbass, ALWAYS. You see, once the daddy sperm’s swim into the uterus in this massive Olympic Marathon, the Gold Medal winner gets to take the mommy’s egg on a date. If all goes well, the daddy’s sperm kisses the mommy egg good night and a baby is made. The only time that doesn’t happen is when mommies can actually afford health insurance and contraception because, of course, daddies are sometimes forgetful or stupid. Doctor, if we actually have to explain to you where babies come from in terms any 5-year-old can understand, you probably should not be providing health services to men, let alone telling women about their responsibilities in paying for health care. Even in an age when Science has given families the opportunity to have two mommies, two daddies, or just one parent the basic biological concept of pregnancy remains unchanged.

Samadi went on to allude to Carlson that he and Brian Kilmeade were being forced to pay for her health care in her recent bout with Lyme Disease because men are men and women are sickly greedy whores that suck all the finances away from men and it’s just not fair because women take advantage and [whine-sniffle-cry-complain] and so on.

Carlson joked:

“1-800-GOD, can we change the organs of a woman so that she doesn’t cost so much?”

All of this is in response to the upcoming provisional enactment of the ACA that prevents insurance companies from charging women more for health insurance simply because they were born women. That provision is due to take effect Jan. 1, 2014, and is the most noncontroversial part of the ACA.

Let’s pull apart some of the more ridiculous mansplaining comments by Samadi and Kilmeade, shall we?

  • The number of organs for each sex: Samadi professes that while women have breasts, ovaries, and uteri, men ONLY have the prostate. Not only does this show that Samadi must have missed quite a few days of medical school, teen years, and quite frankly a lot of sex, but I also have some serious doubts about his own anatomy as an alleged “man.”


    1. Men have testicles. No, I don’t mean tentacles, if for some reason you just flashed back to the creep you dated last Friday. The organs that produce sperm are the same tissue as ovaries during fetal development. They actually start out as ovaries, but if you flip the right switches on the genetic zipper…out drop the testicles. Men develop testicular cancer at a rate of 1 in 270. It is a survivable cancer if it is caught in time, but the mortality rate for 2013 is estimated to be approximately 370 out of 7,920 men. For simple reasons of anatomy, ovarian cancer is a lot harder to detect and diagnose under the best of circumstances. ?One out of 72 women will have a potential ovarian malignancy in her lifetime, but a mortality rate of one out of every 100 women. Early detection, early cure. It’s just that simple.
    2. Men have breasts. Granted that they are not as noticeable or functional for men, but they actually do exist. The tissue is the same, and some men including myself actually carry the gene for male breast cancer. The risk factor is increased by familial ties to female breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi must have forgotten that all reproductive cancers are related to each other and any one of them increases the risk factor for the others. While the rate of detection of breast cancer for men compared to women is significantly less (1:1,000 men compared to 1:8 women) the prognosis and mortality rate for either sex is the same.
    3. That brings me to the prostate and the uterus. There is actually no correlation or similarity between the two, but they each pose risks of cancer the same as any other organ. The cancer rate for the prostate is 1 in 6 men while the cancer rate for the uterus is 1 in 38 women. As Carlson tried to point out to Samadi, women are more proactive about health care where as men need to be dragged to a doctor kicking and screaming, and usually near death. If men were as proactive in their health care as women are, perhaps they would live through those extra 6 six years of ‘heaven,’ as Kilmeade put it. It’s also important to note that a number of standard health care procedures for women, such as annual pelvic exams, are performed because of sexual activity with men. Women have a significantly higher risk of infection, as well as cancer, simply because they acquire them from their regular male partners.


  • Men are paying for women’s health care: Unless you are a man that is married to a woman who is on your insurance plan or the father of a daughter on your plan, this claim is completely false. There is nothing in the upcoming change that would require men to pay out more than what they normally do, simply because insurance companies are now required to give equal standing to women and throw out the gender rating system that exists now. Men’s health costs are staying the same. Women’s health costs are going down. The two are not even remotely connected. The new provision only requires that women be judged on the same standard as men for insurance coverage. Currently, women pay $1 billion more annually in health premiums than men do.


  • Equal Pay: While women in the workforce still struggle to have the same recognition as men for the work they do, women still only get 80 cents on the dollar compared to men doing the same job. Add that to the higher cost for health insurance coverage, and you have a situation where women are more likely to end up in poverty regardless of age or marital status. In 2010, an estimated 17 million women (that’s 40 percent of all single mothers) were living in poverty compared to 12.6 million men. That also means that 22 percent of children were living in poverty.

The National Women’s Law Center has some very good research highlighting the gender rating system. Click here to read more.

Something else Samadi neglected to mention during his ObamaCare bashing bonanza is that he himself is a doctor for hire on demand. In other words, he is a private practice physician that maintains privileges at a private nonprofit hospital. Don’t confuse that nonprofit bit with public hospitals. Private nonprofit hospitals usually pick their patients by the highest bidder, not the person most in immediate need.? Private practice physicians can basically charge whatever they want and usually cost quite a bit more to both the insurer and the patient to be treated by one. Even in cases of using Medicaid, which generally is not accepted at private establishments, private physicians are known to pad the bill for 20% over the actual cost for treatment. If you want the inside scoop of how this is done, Tom Hunter has written a very informative article that details the ins and outs of the scam. ?ObamaCare actually prevents this practice from continuing, and privatized doctors and insurance companies are screaming for it to be repealed.

Samadi went on to explain his own idea of health insurance where all third party payers are eliminated, and the medical and health care industries become a cash only business, which may even be too crazy for the likes of Fox News:

“When it comes to your CAT scans, X-rays, doctors, you have to come in with your credit card or cash and say, ‘I’d like to see the doctor.’ That would take care of all of this stuff.”

I vaguely remember a similar argument about 18 years ago of a certain politician mansplaining that women shouldn’t serve in combat because of “yeast infections.” Now, women are allowed to serve in combat, but still forced to pay more for medical and health care over their male comrades in arms. Maybe, we should just quarantine the whole building around Fox News to keep the stupid from spreading.

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