Siberian Girl Legally Auctions Off Her Own Virginity


What looks like sex, requires sex, but is a product larger than sex? Virginity? This young woman has auctioned off her virginity, and according to The Siberian Times, the authorities seem to approve. And it only cost the bidder $27,950.

With all the talk about free enterprise and free markets in US politics, this story lays bare an important point. Sometimes, it’s not all about sex! Siberian authorities have evidently agreed that selling one’s virginity supersedes simply selling sexual favors.

Blanket prohibitions that would forbid the use of sex in all but marriage contracts would probably change life as we know it, if they could be enforced. Siberian law enforcement might see this more clearly than many in this country, especially the far right, who seem to insist on some significant moral restriction with their less-government. Evidently, the Siberians do not answer to Tea Party morality, because if they did, in this case at least, Tea Party morality would likely trump free enterprise.

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