An Open Letter To Southern Baptist Leader, Richard Land

Mr. Land,

I recently came across your opinion, courtesy of,? concerning how you feel that single moms are selfish and should always put their children up for adoption. You also feel that they are not allowed to have an abortion for the unwanted fetus and you then just skim over the numbers of children that are in foster care, who were put up for adoption, awaiting? to be taken in by a loving family but are left in the system because people only want babies.

You say that single women are unqualified to raise children in a loving Christian home. You say that the reason that most pregnancies end in abortion is because the father is not married to the mother. You lay all of the blame on the mother and ignore the father’s responsibility. You do the most unloving and unkind thing imaginable, and you say it in the name of God.

As a Southern Baptist leader, you speak with the authority of God and this is what you say to people. Do you remember the story of the one that you claim to follow? Do you remember the story of his conception? Had Joseph not been spoken to by God, Mary would have been ostracized and most likely stoned because he was planning on divorcing her when he found out she was pregnant. In those days, a man could legally divorce a woman whom he was engaged to. Mary’s family most likely blamed her and laid it on her. They also would not have protected her had the village decided to stone her; they would have probably stoned her right along with everyone? else because that was the mindset of people in that time period. But, of course, that is different because she was pregnant with the Messiah, right? That has absolutely no bearing on this conversation as far as you are concerned because that was God, not man.

Fair enough. But there is still the problem of you blaming these women and refusing to place any responsibility on the men. You also say nothing of single fathers that raise their children. By saying what these women can and cannot do, you are casting stones on women that you know nothing about. People, including Christians, make mistakes. That does not make them any less of a Christian or any less of a person. A woman is not an incubator and has rights to her own body.

Secondly, let me tell you about some of these loving, solid Christian homes. Some of these loving, solid Christian parents who adopt kids from orphanages or from foster care abuse them in far worse ways than what they were exposed to before. If there are other children in the home who are related to the adopting parents by blood, they get preferential treatment. Some of these children are simply a check for some of these families and they receive little to no love, care, kindness, or mercy, never mind financial support.

Your black and white views on women are atrocious and unGodly. Women can be mothers, with or without a husband, and having a man does not make you a better or worse mother. That is on the mother, and nothing else. You take away from a person and dehumanize them when you say such things and you do it callously. There is no love or anything like what Christ would offer, because, if you remember your biblical training, Christ associated with prostitutes, tax collectors, Gentiles, lepers, and other undesirables, as deemed by society. Some of the same people that you are being so callous about. Attempting to use King Solomon’s decision to divide the baby in half so that the real mother would step forward has no bearing upon a single mother being a bad mother because she is single. In fact, it shows that an unmarried woman (which is really what you are saying) can be a damn good mother, as was demonstrated when the real mother stepped forward and stopped him from dividing the baby, while the other stood idly by.

I am not sure if this open letter will reach you or not, but know that you are not speaking in a Godly manner and instead in a callous and cold manner. May your eyes have the log removed before you attempt to? remove the speck from another person’s eye.

Jordan Blaylock