Republicans Have Embraced The Crazy

evie hudak

The Republicans–willing to act crazy–are a problem. The latest example of that is Colorado State Senator Evie Hudek, a Democrat who faced a recall election after she voted for Colorado’s gun control package. One would think the gun carnage experienced in Colorado might soften opposition–but no. The crazy-talking Republicans will always win the day with their crazy talk in the short term. But long term, Republicans are always wrong.

So what is the problem with Democrats? Their science-based viewpoints always prevail in the end–but not before the dim-witted Republican savages have already run amok, and convinced everybody they don’t need to pay taxes or get their kids immunized or accept environmental protection regulations or to disbelieve in the need for government and safety belts and clear air and clean water and the stupidity of allowing polluting businesses.

Democratic victories are eaten cold, while the liars and charlatans on the right who elbow their way into the temporary spotlight seem like they’re making a splash, until they are sent away to jail. (Think Tom DeLay).

If you’re a Democrat you can be right in the long run and forever after. That long tail of vindication does not entirely soften the sting of that hard hitting lie.

?“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”–Winston Churchill.

?The Republicans, the Tea Party, the kooks out in Colorado who want to succeed from the state of Colorado? They are the speeding lie, able to get around and emit a stream of falsehoods, while the truth correcting facts stumble behind, maybe not finding the lie and extinguishing it until years later.

In the end progressive policies are validated, but since the left does not accept the mumbo-jumbo that passes for dogma on the right, our proofs take actual type to accomplish.

winston churchill quote
“A Lie gets halfway around the world before the Truth has a chance to get its pants on”–Winston Churchill.

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