Louis Gohmert To Atheists: Want To Be Safe? Then Worship The Christian God

Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican Representative, says that, if atheists want they want to be safe, then worship of the Judeo-Christian God must be encouraged.

And why? Because every country that stopped worshiping the Judeo-Christian God has fallen.

The problem with Mr. Gohmert’s logic.

Long before the Christian religion was even thought of, along with the Judaic religion, there were other religions in place. There are still older religions in place in far more ancient cultures. They did not fall because they did not worship the Judeo-Christian God; they weren’t even organized into countries and civilizations until the settling of Mesopatamia.? Before that, the people of the Earth were hunters and gatherers.

So, if it wasn’t the wrath of God for their lack of worship, what was it?

Invaders. War. Famine. The usual stuff that would wipe out civilizations or counter the power of balance in a given area.

What about the other religions in this country?

How are we going to know which God was responsible? I mean, there are many, many religions represented in the United States, since we are not a theocracy. Which God should get credit for protecting us? How are we going to know??

Sarcasm aside, this is just another push and bid by fundamentalist Christians in power to try and force a religion on everyone else, while pointing out how Christians are persecuted.

Yes, Christians are persecuted- just not here.

In other places, there is persecution of Christians, this is true. But, here in America, where Christianity is the dominant religion, persecution of Christians simply does not happen. It may on small levels, like Christians bullied, but there are not Christians being tortured or hunted in this country.

Mr. Gohmert is trying to incite fear, by saying that atheists are putting us in danger from a divine wrath. Fear, in turn, can and will incite hatred. I don’t know if this is his ultimate goal because I do not? know him, but people are people. Many hate what they fear and they fear what they do not understand or do not know. That is what statements like this bring about.

Instead of focusing on the Old Testament…

Let’s focus on the New Testament as Christians. God, because of the New Covenant from the New Testament, is not going to do that to a country simply because God is not worshiped.? That alone should have been a focus of any Christian, along with love not fear.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1 John 4:18 NIV

Also, there is no fear in love and there is no love in fear. Not with Christ, anyway.

Enough with the fear mongering.

It is time to stop this fear mongering and playing off of people’s lack of knowledge about a group of people that they don’t know or understand.

It is time to stop this targeting a different faith because they are different than yours, or because they don’t have a faith.

We need delivering from people who think God needs protecting; especially with their efforts doing far more harm than good.

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Edited/Published by: SB