Step Away from the Tilapia. Eat Bacon Instead

FishThis really puts the ?ick? into ichthyology.

So, you’ve been gaining weight, feeling sluggish and have gone to your doctor. After all the blood work and lab tests, they get to the question of your exercise and eating habits. Without missing a beat, the lie rolls off your tongue. ?Yes, doctor, I’ve been eating more fish?.

Well, it seems that you may as well set that tilapia aside as it can be more harmful than bacon. A Wake Forest University study has found that farm raised tilapia, has been fed a mixture of corn and soy instead of traditional fish food, resulting in almost no Omega 3 fatty acids, and an increase in Omega 6 fatty acids. ??They are also given a huge dose of antibiotics to keep them from getting infections which could lead to a rise in antibiotic resistant salmonella.

In addition, a?Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future ?research has revealed that tilapia raised on farms in Asia has been fed a diet of chicken and pig feces. Add in the hormone, methyltestosterone, ?which is highly toxic to the liver, given to increase growth and decreases the development of reproductive organs, and you have a surefire recipe for heart, brain and mood disorders.

Farmed fish can have up to 10 times the toxin levels of wild fish, according to Harvard ?researchers. Your best bet? Stay off the farm.

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