Israelis & Palestinians Come Together

(Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.)

In the Middle East, there were three Israeli boys that were kidnapped and killed.

Soon after, there was a Palestinian boy taken and burned alive in the streets.

At first, it was stated that both acts were perpetuated by Palestinians; the first against Israel because the boys were Jewish (and one was an American citizen), and the second because the boy was gay.

However, those suggestions were unsubstantiated and Jewish nationalists have since confessed that they kidnapped and burned him alive in retaliation for what was done to the three Israeli boys.

Israel’s Prime Minister has blamed Hamas for the death of the three Israeli boys, however, no one has confessed within that group or taken credit for the killings.

But, despite all of this, what are the families doing?

The Families Come Together

The families are grieving together.

There is not any hatred spewed from the families towards either side, but they have set aside their differences and are grieving together.

From The Huffington Post:

“Over the weekend Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat visited Rachel Fraenkel, the mother of slain Israeli teen Naftali, and during his visit Barkat spoke with Hussein Abu Khdeir, Mohammed’s father, over the telephone. Barkat suggested Abu Khdeir speak with Yishai Fraenkel, Naftali’s uncle, and the two men agreed.”

Mayor Barkat shared the moment on Facebook, noting that he had an ?emotional and special telephone conversation between two families that have lost their sons.?

The families reached out to one another in sympathy and empathy, expressing sorrow for the losses of their children felt by both.

It did not matter that they were Israeli and Palestinian. What did matter was that they were families that suffered terrible loss because of nationalism and hatred.

These four boys all had great potential and their lives were cut tragically short by those that wish to destroy the other side regardless of whom they hurt in the end.

Regarding the murder of?Mohammed Abu Khdeir, Naftali Frankel’s family had this to say:

?There is no difference when it comes to blood. Murder is murder; there is no justification, forgiveness or atonement for any murder.?

Senseless Deaths

Countless children and teenagers, families and others, are dying and losing loved ones on both sides of this conflict.

This senseless bloodshed and death has gotten out of control, and the only way it will stop is for peace to come. Differences have to be set aside and so do thousands of years of strife and feuds.

With these four boys, and the nameless and faceless thousands that have passed away, let their deaths not be in vain.

Peace is needed, not more killing.


Edited by D.H.