Anonymous Reveals Name Of Ferguson Cop Who Shot Michael Brown

UPDATE: The Anonymous account that reported the name and photo of alleged Michael Brown shooter has been deactivated by Twitter. I’ve updated this article to replace Tweets with screenshots of the Tweets. @opferguson says that @TheAnonMessage made a mistake in releasing the name of Bryan Willman as the shooter. @opferguson says that Bryan Willman is NOT the name that they have as the shooter. A newly released IRC chat log reveals a different man’s name. We can not confirm that this is correct at this time. We’ll update this as more news comes in. See the @opferguson apology below.

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As tensions rise in Ferguson, Missouri, hactivist group Anonymous has released the name of the police officer who allegedly fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown on Saturday. Via Twitter:


Anonymous allegedly obtained hours of police dispatch tapes and published them online on Wednesday.

Things are getting crazy in Ferguson. On Wednesday, journalists were arrested, gassed with tear gas, and threatened. Protests have been going on for a week and people’s constitutional rights are being violated. Stay tuned for more info.

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