9 Graphs Show You Exactly How Much Time Various Drugs Take Off Your Life

A new website shows exactly how much various substances shave off of a person’s life. These charts from Treatment4Addiction.com are pretty self-explanatory — and terrifying.

We’ve heard for years how much time cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs take off of our lives, but science, better statistics, and new technology helps?Treatment4Addiction?give a much more accurate assessment. The site is is an online recovery resource that that uses?data from the?CDC, SAMHSA,?and the NHTSA?to create these charts.

I’ve never used drugs, but I’m an outspoken former cigarette smoker. I vowed, when I quit, to not be “that annoying ex-smoker.” And I wasn’t. Then a few years ago, my cousin was diagnosed with lung cancer. He lived longer than most victims of that terrible disease, but we lost him this year. I also saw other former smokers dropping around me. I lost a much-beloved aunt to cancer. Too much. I decided that if me saying something, ever so gently, could change even one person’s outlook, then I’m remiss in not speaking out.

I’m not going to be “that annoying person,” but?I will say that I was a heavy smoker with poor impulse control and I believe if I could quit, anyone can. I’ll also say that I think smoking is the most selfish thing I’ve ever done. I’m ashamed at how I made the people around me suffer because of my cigarette smoke. I’m embarrassed at how I had to be the one to always ruin things by “going outside to smoke.” I’m also embarrassed to know that I was the one always coughing at the movies, at dinner, watching TV. No one can stand to be around someone with all of these issues going on, unless they’re smokers, too. Fact. It’s sickening how I let cigarettes dictate my life.

With all of the medication and resources, it was actually painless?for me to quit smoking. And yes, I do think I’ll not live my full life expectancy because of the years of smoking. OK rant over, if that was a rant!

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