Video Released Of Ebola Patient Nina Pham In Hospital

Nina Pham, the 26-year-old nurse who?has been infected?with the Ebola virus, is in good condition and reportedly improving, says Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Thursday evening, the decision was made by federal health officials to move Pham to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland because it’s in the best interest of the Dallas hospital. From WFAA:

The arrangement wasn’t made solely because of the trained bio-hazard unit at the NIH, or because of confidence issues regarding Texas Health Presbyterian. Officials say it came down to staffing.

The Chief of Pulmonology at Dallas Presbyterian says, “It was a difficult decision to transfer Nina, a member of our own family and someone who is greatly loved and respected.”

“We felt it would be more prudent to focus on caring for any patients who come in,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, to a congressional hearing. “Health care workers or others who come in with symptoms.”

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Staffing at the hospital is a major issue because the 76 people who were involved with the care of Thomas Duncan are isolated and can not care for any other patient. Furthermore, no one caring for Nina Pham can care for any other patient.

“Many of the medical professionals who would normally staff the intensive care unit sidelined for continuous monitoring,” the statement from the hospital read.

“What hospital has 76 people that they can pull aside and say, ‘You’re only taking care of one patient’?'” said Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News Medical editor. “It just doesn’t work that way.”

Pham left the hospital?in an ambulance Thursday afternoon with a crowd of friends, family, and well-wishers gathered with signs to wish her well. Passing cars?honked to show their support.

Dr. Gary Weinstein, Pham’s treating physician, recorded a video of Pham (with her approval)?before she was discharged from?the hospital.

Read more at WFAA and watch the video below.

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