I’m Sick Of Ferguson, Too (Not What You Might Think)

Let me let you in on a little secret, I’m a liberal. Know something else? Just like conservatives, I’m sick of Ferguson too.

I’m sick of blatant and flagrant?racism that’s born from every remark made on a post about this issue (names redacted to protect the guilty).




I’m sick of blanket terms like ?animal? and ?thug? being made towards the people of Ferguson.

I’m sick of the media overplaying the riots. I’m also sick of the media cutting when something happens that deserves our attention.

I’m sick of how the media built up the potential riots as a way to boost ratings.

I’m sick of the media not reporting that some in Ferguson remain peaceful because peaceful demonstrations don’t translate into ratings.

I’m sick of police harassment. I’ve witnessed it firsthand twice in the last year, and I’m a white male. I can imagine how bad it would be if I were a different skin color.

I’m sick of people pretending police are infallible.

I’m sick of people saying all police are evil.

I’m sick of the exaggerations of Michael Brown’s size. He and Wilson were the same height, and Brown outweighed him by about 70 pounds. It’s not Hulk Hogan vs. a five year old.

I’m sick of people not questioning simple things. Why didn’t Wilson just put his car into drive and get out of there if he was so scared? Why did he have to fire 12 times? Brown was a big target, but according to reports Wilson only hit him six? Was Wilson a bad shot, and if so why was he issued a gun?

I’m sick of people ignoring or passing off the word of 16 witnesses who saw Brown raise his hands. If it had been any other case, 16 witnesses would have been overwhelming.

I’m sick of the lies about all of this coming from the same sources that said Wilson had a dislocated eye socket, yet no one who looks at those sources takes into account their flagrant lies.

I’m sick of police militarization. John Oliver covered this one best.

I’m sick of memes like this:


They totally ignore moments like this:


I’m sick of when people pass off the above riots as just mischief while screaming Ferguson is the worst thing ever. To me, that’s racist.

I’m sick of when you start questioning anything about this case, you are treated by insults rather than any case of decent discussion.


As Americans, we have the right and the responsibility to question everything about our judicial system.

I hate the underlying poor shaming that is coming along with remarks on social media. It’s not blatant, but it is there (see above).

But most of all, I’m sick of that moment I get sick to my stomach from all the racism, ignorance, and flagrant lies that I have to remember this quote:


And then I have to remember that part of my responsibility as an American citizen is to do my best to ensure this country is free and equal for all, because that’s why I love?the USA.

Recently divorced aspiring author in the hills of Appalachia in Kentucky. A life long Democrat and Liberal and lover of all things geeky. Preparing to independently publish the Western/Horror novel series "Badlands" and other novels and short stories.