This May Be Addie’s Last Christmas And We All Can Make It Really Special

A Fountain Green, Utah family is trying to make the most out of what they presume will be their last Christmas with their 6-year-old daughter, Addie. The family is asking for the help of others. The request, send Addie ?a lifetime of Christmas cards.?

How could we not? Look at the joy in her?face opening some of the cards she has already received!

Photo source: Facebook/Little Addie

Addie suffers from an undiagnosed condition that is causing her brain to atrophy. When Addie was three years old, her mother, Tami, noticed that her daughter could no longer hold things in her hand, like a crayon or spoon. She was also having trouble speaking and was no longer growing. It was discovered that Addie’s brain was shrinking and filling with fluid – a condition called diffuse atrophy. The underlying cause is a mystery.

Last month the family received devastating news that Addie had about a year left to live. Doctors have also prepared the family, telling them her mental state will deteriorate faster than her physical state.

Soon, Addie will forget all she knows.

Tragically, this family, which also includes Addie’s sisters Shayley (10) and Audree (7), has recently suffered an unexpected loss. Their father passed away a little over a week ago.

Please take a moment while you write out holiday cards and send one to the address below. Addie’s favorite cards are homemade, so if you’re looking for a crafty idea to do with the family, this may a great option.

Please mail cards to:
Addie Lynn and Sisters
Box 162
Fountain Green, UTAH 84632

An organization called Children and the Earth, Inc., which is a nonprofit that pays medical bills for those in need, is accepting monetary donations for Addie’s family. You may donate here.

A Facebook page has also been created for those that would like to follow the family’s story.

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