9 Awesome Things That Happened In 2014

After a long 364 days, it’s finally New Year’s Eve! For most of us, this probably comes with a sigh of relief. A new year, a clean slate. But whether or not 2014 treated you well or poorly, we should look back at some just plain awesome things that happened this year.

1. Ellen Page Beautifully Comes Out At HRCF’s Time To Thrive Conference.

“I’m here today because I am gay. And because … maybe I can make a difference. I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.”

2. A Man From Ohio Used Kickstarter To Raise $55,000 To Make Potato Salad.

If this isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is. Zach Brown from Columbus, Ohio needed $10 to make a delicious potato salad. To his pleasant?surprise, he could make?5,500 of them!


3. They Made Sharknado 2.

Anyone up for a movie? And sharks? And tornadoes? All at once? AGAIN?


4. Sweden Introduced A Gender-Neutral Pronoun.

“Hen” is a compromise between “hon” (he) and “han” (she). It appears that Sweden enjoys to lead the way when it comes to human equality! Hey, US – don’t let that stop you now!

5. Malala Yousafzai Accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is a large and wonderful step for feminism?and gender equality. Perhaps the best part is, right after receiving the prize, Malala?immediately?returned to?Chemistry?class!

6. Flappy Bird was removed from the Apple Store.

Well…a bit less awesome…but it sure does bring back some memories!



7. Thirty-five States Have Legalized Love.

This year seemed like a whirl wind of Supreme Court strike-downs when it came to same-sex marriage bans, and that’s a great thing. Let’s make sure that in 2015, love will be legal in all 50 states!


8. The Pro-choice movement gained some major attention and backing.

This is the only for-sure way to get abortion and women’s reproductive health into national conversation, and this year, women and men did a fantastic job of bringing it up.


9. President Obama wore a?tiara?- and it was AWESOME!

Oh, if only we could love him more, right? The President shows his support for Girl Scout Troop 2612?by posing in a photo with a tiara on at the annual White House Science Fair.



I don’t know about you, but I’d say that all in all, 2014 was a pretty great year. From shark tornadoes to tiaras, feminism to potato salad, there are so many things to remember and be grateful for on this New Year’s Eve.

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Kellyn Smith is red-headed (but blue supporting) 17 year old high school student from Marietta, GA. She likes activism, poetry, and music. She's an outspoken Atheist and feminist. She wants to study political science at the University of Oregon or the University of Washington.