Astonishing Moment Captured In Video Of Frightened Fawn Rescue

A heartwarming video is trending on Youtube, and yes, I may have totally needed a tissue.

Screenshot from Youtube
Screenshot from Youtube

There's not much to say except that thanks to a kind human, a mother and her fawn were reunited after the fawn became stuck in a fence. You can hear the fawn squealing in fear as the human pulls the fawn out of the fence after some maneuvering. Once freed the fawn runs off, and the camera reveals its mother was waiting?the entire time.?At first they appear to be about to run off; however, they stop and look calmly at the humans filming and then walk off into the woods.

Too often you hear about animals becoming victims to mankind's existence on Earth. However, this is one case where a human was able to help (yes, the fence was manmade I know).

Check out the video below for many warm fuzzy feelings and goodness. Also, make sure you have tissue if you're a sensitive person.