Anti-Choice Idiot Vows To Protect The Weak — Except For Babies Who Are Breathing Air

Penny Nancy, CEO of Concerned Women for America, is the epitome of the kind of woman I can’t stand — privileged, spoiled…and dangerously ignorant. Fun fact: Concerned Women of America was created in 1979 by the wife of the author of the Left Behind series. How apropos, no?

My email inbox is full of stuff from Penny Nance. I like it that way. I deliberately subscribe to the mailing lists of people like her. I love to know about every dumb thing she says. I want to know about it every time she threatens my constitutional rights.

Penny Nance is committed to fighting against women’s rights even when it benefits no one. Oh and not only is she anti-choice for women, she’s a staunch self-righteous homophobe AND an Islamaphobe. Seriously…I can’t stand this woman.

Her latest stupidity and blatant hypocrisy is this quote that she gave to The Federalist for their piece entitled “12 Women Explain What Women Want In 2015.” I screenshotted it just in case something happens to it or it gets altered — not that this EVER happens (sarcasm).

penny nance
Screengrab via The Federalist

So Penny Nance is all about protecting the weak, she says? It’s interesting and note-worthy that her statement specifically mentions “unborn babies.” Why not just babies? Why not all children. All children are vulnerable and weak. What about pregnant women whose partners have abandoned them? I’ve been nine months pregnant. I was weak — and I had a partner.

However, society and live babies are in luck. There are liberals like us who ARE going to fight for the weak — all of the weak. Including babies that are actually BORN and breathing air.

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