Worst Thing Ever: Getting Dumped By Charles Manson

Manson Direct
Manson Direct

Remember when we shared that Charles Manson had an actual bride to be? Not anymore!

The wedding of serial killer Charles Manson, 80, and his fiancee, Afton Elaine Burton Star, 27, has been called off. Although the pair should have been married already, the marriage license has now expired.

The wedding was called off due to Manson?disagreeing with the motives of his fiancee. It was discovered Star only wanted to marry him in hopes of gaining control over his body once he passed away. Star and her friends planned to put Manson’s body on display in a glass case after his death. The case would be displayed in Los Angeles, and they hoped to earn money from it.

Manson, however, holds the belief that he will live forever, which would make it hard to display his corpse. Manson was also using Star as well. She brought him toiletries and other items he needed in prison.

Manson is serving a life term in Corcoran State Prison for masterminding the 1969 Helter Skelter killing spree in Los Angeles. The actress Sharon Tate was also a victim in the killings. Manson convinced four of his cult followers to commit the heinous crimes. The cult was called the Manson Family. Many of the cult members still remain in prison today.

The Manson Family is a scary reminder of the power of cults. A charismatic leader can convince the right people to do almost anything. Innocent lives were brainwashed by Manson to take the lives of others. Families were forever changed that night. To this day, Manson has received the most mail of any other prisoner in the United States. That fact is scary. It says that many still believe in him, his teachings, and thoughts. There will always be people ready and willing to believe what someone says.


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