Dad Shames Bully Son On Social Media With Unique List

It’s not the first time we have seen a child shamed on social media by a parent for various reasons. But Timothy R. Srobenhorst of Pulaski, Wisconsin did more than just beat or intimidate his son. When Timothy found out that his son was being a bully at school, he had his own unique take on the punishment.

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After posting to his Facebook page about the incident, Timothy then posted a picture with his son. In the picture was also a large sheet of paper with a list of tasks for his son, as well as a special message.

Facebook Screenshot


As for the tasks, here is how the list read:
1) 50 Pushups On My Fist
2) 10 Incline Pushups
3) Running 1 Mile (All At 4:30 A.M.)
4) I will also be doing Landscaping To Both Of My Dad’s Houses
5) I Will Apologize To The Boy I Bullied In School In Front Of The Whole Class Today 3-18-15

As for the special message, Timothy included:


While Timothy has his supporters, there are sure to be those that disagree with this type of disciple. All to often though, we find the ones being bullied are the ones blamed for not standing up for themselves. How about we teach kids not to bully at all? Maybe it takes parents like Timothy to get things going. At least he didn’t beat his kid for the world to see.

In a recent article here on Liberal America regarding cyberbullying, many blamed the victims and basically commented that the bullies needed to be bullied themselves or fight. Great theory Einstein. Bullies that bully bullies is so much better, right?


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