Fox News Morons Defend Body Shaming, Say All Women Should Want To Look Like Bikini Models

Perhaps you’ve seen the Fox News afternoon “news” show which goes by the name “Outnumbered.” The format is this: four attractive women sit and discuss the issues of the day with one lucky guy. As you can imagine, the conversation is about as enlightening as having a philosophical debate with a penguin.

Image Via Wikimedia

On Monday’s show, the five co-hosts were lamenting the fact that several body shaming ads had been banned in the city of London. In the ads, bikini models were shown, along with the tagline:

“Are You Beach Body Ready?”

After thousands of complaints and a petition effort, London agreed not to allow the ads in the city.

But you would have thought the residents of London had just declared allegiance to ISIS and begun burning American flags from the way the “Outnumbered” morons reacted.

Host Jedediah Bila even went to far as to say that people who don’t like skinny bikini models are disturbed and in need of psychological help:

“If you are offended by an ad with a woman on it or a hot girl or a hot guy then seek therapy. I mean, go to a therapist. There’s something wrong with you.”

Andrea Tantaros then joined the fray and declared:

“At this time of year, anyone with a functioning brain asks themselves that question, ?Are you beach body ready?? In fact, I ask myself that question every single day. And I bet you people who have a problem with this ad going into summer time are not beach body ready. It’s such a bunch of bull. Everyone wants to know if they look good in a swimsuit!”

Really, Andrea? Do you think a person who works a full-time job, raises children, and also tries to manage their household finances really cares what they look like in a freaking swimsuit?

I have some advice for the “Outnumbered” gang who think that the measure of a woman is how she looks in a bikini: there is so much more to a person than their outward appearance. And also, sunbathing causes skin cancer, so enjoy your time at the beach.

Watch The Body?Shaming On “Outnumbered”