WATCH: Obama’s Incredibly Emotional Eulogy At Funeral For Beau Biden (VIDEO)

At Beau Biden’s funeral, President Obama gave an emotional and touching eulogy to honor the great life of Vice President Joe Biden’s son who passed away last week of brain cancer. He was only 46 years old and led a full and mighty life in public service helping others – a life cut much too short.

We see President Obama speak, often, but I feel this is the most closest and personal moment we will ever see. At different times, you can hear the emotion and sadness he most likely feels for his second in command.

Though I don’t believe anything can ease the loss of your son, husband, father, brother, sister… I’m sure his words meant something to the Biden family, who lost a remarkable member of their family much too soon.

“We are here to grieve with you, but more importantly we are here because we love you.”

Watch Obama’s emotional eulogy to hear more about the incredible life Beau Biden lived below.