Dallas Cop Threatens Teenager: ‘Shut The F*ck Up Or I Will Break Your F*cking Neck’

An officer with the Dallas Police Department has received a three-day suspension for putting his arm around a 14-year-old’s neck and threatening him by saying:

?I will break your f*cking neck.”

Screenshot Via WFAA

Officer Terigi Rossi and his partner responded to a 911 call last October. The call ended in a hang up. The woman who made the call to ask about a car towing said she thought the conversation was over, so she hung up the phone.

But when Ross and his partner arrived, he promptly put the woman in handcuffs and told her she was being arrested. When her stepson questioned why his stepmother was being taken into custody, Rossi tells the young man he is going to wind up in a foster home and adds:

?So you want to lie to me, too? Look at me when you talk to me. OK, be a man.”

The teenager then asked Rossi to remove his sunglasses, and Rossi went nuclear:

“If I were you, son, I’d shut the f*ck up, cause I’ll break your f*cking neck. You understand me??

The young man pulled away from Rossi, which only enraged him further. Rossi can be heard to say:

?I’m telling you right now, Get the f*ck over here! Listen to me! You’re just like your mother. You’re a piece of f*cking sh*t. You little [expletive].”

No one was arrested because?a supervisor showed up and said he saw no reason to take anyone into custody. The teen, however, ?turned his video over to authorities, and that led to Rossi being suspended.

Rossi was previously a member of the Dallas SWAT team before being moved down to patrol when he was caught sleeping on the job. Through his union representative, Rossi has said he knew he made a mistake and added, ??The kid got under (my) skin.?

And here again we have yet another member of the police in this country acting like officers of the Gestapo. Will this ever end?

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Dallas Cop Threatens Teenager