David Guetta Needs To Go To Rehab For Racists: Why Millions Are Boycotting

I don't even have words. "David Guetta and Friends"? Wouldn't it be easier to just wear white hoods? Courtesy of Powwows.com
I don’t even have words. “David Guetta and Friends”? Wouldn’t it be easier to just wear white hoods? Courtesy of Powwows.com

I used to like David Guetta. Now that?the Parisian is?edging toward 50 years-of-age, it’s apparent that he was born in a time when racism was overlooked. Not anymore, Pierre (that’s his real name). In his latest stunt, Guetta pissed of more than a few million American Indians by throwing a party in none other than red-face. That’s not where the racist cultural appropriation stops. Dressing up numerous non-Indian models in stereotypical headdresses and turquoise, complete with a totem pole and many other accoutr?m?nt?(completely unnecessary accent marks added for emphasis of?”Frenchness”)?you might see in a White tourist shop?in the middle?of the desert in Arizona, the only thing offensive?the “music artist” didn’t do was claim his great grandmother was Cherokee.

Courtesy of Powwows.com
Courtesy of Powwows.com

I get that non-Indians don’t believe this is a big deal. But let me explain how offensive this crap is: headdresses are only worn by male spiritual?leaders. They are sacred and religious items to Plains tribes. Only?extremely esteemed members of Plains Indian society would have had headdresses. Totem?poles are only found in?the Pacific Northwest, a regional population completely unrelated to the Plains Indians, and mixing the items is really in poor taste.?It would be similar to an Indian dressing up in a priest’s outfit and carrying around a Buddhist Eightfold Path flag- it just doesn’t make sense. The two just aren’t related. What’s even worse is that the models and Guetta himself were making war whoops and dancing around in a circle to mock ceremonial dances that Natives take part in. But hey, it’s for a party in Ibiza he called “Fuck Me, I’m Famous.” Is this real life? What the fuck?is wrong with this guy? Does he not have a publicist who is saying “Ummmm, David, maybe this is a bad idea.” Why don’t they just dress up like Sambo characters and make up fake slave hymns?

At what point was everyone involved like "hey, this is a great idea!" Courtesy of Powwows.com
At what point was everyone involved like “hey, this is a great idea!” Courtesy of Powwows.com

Here’s my message for you, David. When you’re trying this hard to be relevant, then maybe it’s time to pack it up and call it a good game. I can guarantee if an American celebrity did this, they’d be boycotted. And honestly, you should be too. You owe American Indians an apology. I’m really tired of seeing non-Natives appropriate Generokee (see what I did there- Generic and Cherokee) type culture. It’s disgusting. It’s not okay. Just because there aren’t many Natives to make much of an economic difference on your sales, doesn’t mean what you’re doing is any less reprehensible. In America, when someone does something racist, we have this thing called a boycott- it’s sort of an economic form of rehab for celebrities whose heads get so big that they feel they’re untouchable. You need rehab, sir. Worry about making music and stop offending American Indians, you racist jerk.