Social Media Decides To Lend The Donald A Hand, Creates #TrumpBible

Image Via Flickr

You may recall that earlier this week Donald Trump was asked to name his favorite Bible verse. He declined to do so, saying it was too personal:

“Well, I wouldn’t want to get into it. Because that’s very personal. You know, when I talk about the Bible it’s very personal. So I don’t want to get into it.”

But not to worry. The social media denziens on Twitter have decided to lend the Donald a hand and create their own version of the Bible as inspired by Trump himself. Here are just a few of the most creative tweets that are currently trending under the hashtag #TrumpBible:

Something tells me Donald Trump will be able to remember at least one of these the next time he’s asked what his favorite verse is. If not, folks on Twitter can always create more.

h/t AddictingInfo