The Touching Story Of A Mixed Martial Arts Star Fighting For ‘The Forgotten People’

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In the sport of mixed martial arts, at 6’3 and 265 pounds, Justin Wren is a very formidable man with long blonde hair and a matching beard.

His nickname in the UFC was “The Viking.” Vikings were known for spreading ruthless slaughter and bloodshed, caring very little for the people they raided and conquered. Wren had dreams of becoming the UFC heavyweight champion and laying his competition to waste.

But after suffering a downward spiral of drug abuse and depression, Wren decided to quit the sport a few years ago.

mixed martial arts
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This is an all too familiar story which rarely has a happy ending for most athletes.

Somehow, Wren found his spiritual center in one of the most unlikely places that a man like him would expect to find himself. Wren found his second family deep in the heart of the Congo in Africa.

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In Africa, Wren connected with a tribe of pygmies known as “The Forgotten.”  Pygmies exist around the world, mostly in tropical areas like rain forests. These people suffer from tremendous amounts of discrimination within the Congo, and in 2003 there were reports of genocide and cannibalism being committed against these people. You can read more information on that here.

Wren has found his mission in life, and that’s to fight to bring awareness to the plight of the pygmy people of the Congo. Recently Wren had won a fight in Bellator Fighting Championships, a mixed martial arts organization considered by many to be the 2nd largest in the United States. He plans to continue winning and helping his new family overcome their terrible history in order to realize a brighter future. Right now Wren is focused on funding a clean water project for pygmy tribes across the Congo region.

mixed martial arts
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You don’t have to be a fan of fighting to be a fan of Justin Wren. Wren brings a dynamic contrast to a sport known for brutality and violence. Hopefully more people will follow in Wren’s footsteps and help the less fortunate. We have our own versions of “The Forgotten People” right here in the U.S. Wren’s story should inspire us all to take up their fight.

Here’s a link to his page if you would like to donate.

Watch a great video about Justin Wren below.

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