Fox News Reports That The Mona Lisa Was Painted By Leonardo…DiCaprio!?

Image Via NBC News

Granted, we all expect Fox News to slant their reporting to the right and to basically serve as the official propaganda wing of the Republican Party, but now it appears they’ve just flat out jumped the shark.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who is supposed to be one of their “serious” news people, was reporting a story about how scientists are still trying to track down who the model was for Leonardo DaVinci’s timeless painting of Mona Lisa. And here’s what Smith said on-air:

“And an update from scientists trying to identify the model from Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Mona Lisa.’ After digging up some woman’s remains and putting them through DNA testing, it seems they are no closer to knowing…”

Leonardo DiCaprio? Hey, I think he’s a superb actor and I’m especially impressed by his performances in “The Aviator” and “Inception,” but I had no idea he had taken up painting. I also had no idea he was over 650 years old. Impressive. He doesn’t look a day over 40.

We all make mistakes, and I’m sure Shepard Smith realized his error later. But this is indicative of a larger problem when it comes to Fox News and their viewers. They can basically say anything they want, whether it’s true or not, and a large share of their audience will accept it as absolute truth. Journalism is not exactly a high priority at Fox. Facts only get in the way of the brainwashing.

Watch Shepard Smith Credit DiCaprio For the ‘Mona Lisa’

h/t AddictingInfo