Canada Elects Prime Minister ‘Hottie’ – America Ogles Him

Screencapture from Twitter.

The world has been electrified by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party win in Canada’s Monday election, but it’s not for the reason that you think. Yes, he ran a seamless campaign focused on middle class tax breaks and funding public works projects to create jobs and stimulate the economy. And yes, he is charismatic and knows how to work a crowd. But what most non-Canadians were talking about on Tuesday morning was how sexy Trudeau is.

Canadians are used to seeing those puppy dog eyes and curly dark hair: Justin is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a former Canadian Prime Minister and a political rockstar in his own right. Justin Trudeau is like Canada’s JFK Jr. So we’re more or less over the “Prime Minister Sexy” discussion. This is the first look most non-Canucks get, and they are loving what they see.

But there is a caveat that we should probably consider: would we be having the same discussion had Justin been Justine? Is it more acceptable to objectify and pass along sexy photos of a politician because he’s a white man?

It could probably be argued that a woman with a photo of herself similar to Justin’s shirtless pic likely wouldn’t make it to the world political stage, so that may be the issue that needs discussion. Only a white male has sufficient privilege to have a political career after having dozens of sexy and not-so-sexy photos of himself freely available on the internet.

The Harper Conservatives tried to turn the conversation to Trudeau’s good looks rather than his policies, repeatedly referring to him as “Justin,” and commenting on his “nice hair” in radio ads. Kudos to Canadians for refusing to take the bait, and for keeping this election race focused on platforms instead of the relative sex appeal of the candidates.

I guess I can’t really fault Americans for swooning over “Prime Minister Bedroom Eyes”– he is pretty cute. But it would be nice if every time someone says something about Justin Trudeau’s looks, they also say something about his policies. That is, if they can get their blood flowing back into their brains.