Rabid Anti-Abortion Protester Once Raped Family Member At Knifepoint

Bartholomew Schumacher: Image Via North Dakota Public Safety

In North Dakota and on the Internet, Bartholomew Schumacher is one of the most rabid anti-choice advocates to be found within the insular, often extremist movement that claims to have a goal of “protecting the innocent.”

But do some searching online and you will also discover that Schumacher is a convicted rapist who brutally assaulted a family member and now must register as a sex offender until 2039.

How’s that for “innocent?”

Police say that in 2011 Schumacher punched and raped a female relative. He also bound her legs and hands with electrical tape then threatened her with a knife. The police report of the crime states:

“She said while he was tying her up he was also kissing her and she thought it was a sick move and was very upset with the gesture.”

The woman also told police that Schumacher traced up her face with the tip of a knife and pretended to be shaving her face with the knife before he threatened to slit her throat.

Schumacher was convicted of sexual imposition in 2011.

Yet Schumacher, when asked about his protests at abortion clinics around North Dakota, said:

“I stand for life.”

A pro-choice activist, Nik Severson, says he made Schumacher’s sordid past known to others in the anti-choice group:

“I…told a group of ten ‘Christians’ who he was and what he had done to a woman. They called me liar, they screamed at me to leave. I showed a few of them the article and still they denied it. They called the cops on me and the police officer confirmed that the man was who I said he was. The ‘Christians’ shook his hand and hugged him. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen in my life.”

Interesting how someone who is so ardent in his support of denying women their Constitutional right to do with their bodies as they wish once thought it was perfectly acceptable to tie up and woman and force her to submit to his perverted whims.

Bartholomew Schumacher wants to protect the innocent and stands for life? How big of a hypocrite can one person possibly be?