WATCH As This Little Boy Comes To Realize That Only Love Can Protect Paris

Image Via YouTube

In what may prove to be one of the most beautiful and touching moments since last Friday’s horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, a reporter with Le Petit Journal asked a young boy if he understands why terrorists attacked the city. To which the boy replies:

“Yes, because they’re very very very mean. The bad guys aren’t very nice. And we really have to be careful because we have to change homes.”

But the boy’s father reassures his son, telling him:

“No, don’t worry, we don’t have to change homes. France is our home.”

The little boy remarks:

“But there are bad guys, Daddy!”

His father calmly explains:

“Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere.”

The boy is still not convinced:

“They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad.”


“Well, they have guns, but we have flowers.”

The little boy argues, saying:

“But flowers don’t do anything.”

And the father, still calm, still reassuring, tells his son:

“See all the flowers? They’re to fight against the guns.”

The boy seems to be accepting what his dad has told him:

“Are they there to protect? The candles too?”

To which the father replies:

“There you go. It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday.”

Finally, the little boy tells his father:

“The flowers and the candles, they’re there to protect us.” 

At which point the reporter asks the child:

“So are you feeling better?”

Little boy:

“Yep. I’m feeling better.”

Watch the Video for Yourself: 

h/t The Huffington Post