J.K. Rowling Completely Destroys Donald Trump With 8 Little Words

OMG I’m growing weary of having to write so much about the crazy stuff Donald Trump is saying and doing. That said, some of the ideas he’s proposing is scary stuff and it MUST be reported and spread widely. So we’ll keep writing about him. And when something funny comes up? We’re on it! I’ve never understood the term “comic relief” as well as I do now.

It started when BBC Newsbeat tweeted this:

Lord Voldemort is, of course, the villain in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. He’s so bad that he’s referred to as “he who shall not be named.”

Some Harry Potter fans didn’t like Lord V being compared to U.S. Supervillain Trump, and they took to Twitter in their outrage. That’s probably what alerted Ms. Rowling herself to this unsavory comparison. Here is her response:

Some fans have gotten really creative.

The reason some folks are suggesting we treat Trump like Voldemort and not say his name is that The Donald thrives on the attention,  negative OR positive. Furthermore, the negative crap earns him even more popularity with his ignorant and rabid base.


We agree. We should ignore this mofo. But we can’t. I wish we could.

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