Adorable 3-Year-Old Freaks Out Over Homeless, Refuses To Celebrate Christmas

With the season of giving upon us a few of us could really learn a few things from adorable 3-year-old Patrick McClung.

Patrick, from Anchorage in Alaska, became so upset upon discovering the living conditions of homeless people that he made it his mission to help people without their own homes this Christmas.

In a video posted to Facebook Patrick can be seen sobbing after his mother, Destinee McClung, gently broke it to him that many people do not have their own homes.

Destinee posted to Facebook:

“Today Patrick was asking some questions and I (fully believing in being honest with my children) ended up telling him that some people don’t have food or homes.”

Destinee continued to write that Patrick told her he did not want to celebrate Christmas “if other people don’t even have houses.” She posted:

“I could learn a lot from this 3 year old. If each of us had a heart this big, we wouldn’t have these problems. “

Since the video was taken Patrick has made it his personal project to do all that he can to help the homeless.


patrick 1
Destinee shared this image of Patrick holding one of his posters asking for donations on her Facebook page.


With a little bit of help Patrick set up drop boxes around his hometown so that people could donate items and he made posters advertising his cause.

Within a couple of weeks Patrick and his mom had collected enough donations to fill several large garbage bags.

Patrick’s mother wrote about her son’s plight on Facebook, stating:

“I’d love to show my son the meaning of community and charity. His heart is big, and I want him to know he can change the world.”


Adorable Patrick also accompanies his mother to drop the donations off at shelters and says that it is “his favorite part.”

Patrick’s generosity does not end there as he also regularly volunteers at a local soup kitchen with his mom where he hands out desserts.



Destinee has spoken out over her concerns and guilt that Patrick has taken this burden on himself, saying:

“It’s a little bit like, well, he’s 3 – I don’t want him to feel like he has to face the whole world.”

However she is also proud of her incredibly generous son and believes he could teach people a lot in terms of his determination to make a difference to the lives of others.



Image by Destinee McClung via Facebook.

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