Pay Attention Right Wingers: You Can Learn A Lesson From This Muslim Group

Screenshot Via ABC10

To hear some on the right wing in this country tell it, all Muslims are an existential threat to the United States. Even some who love to beat their chests and proclaim what good “Christians” they are (in name only) are guilty of thinking that only their religion does good works for the less fortunate.

That’s what makes the actions of volunteers from the America Muslim Voice foundation on Christmas so beautiful, and puts the right-wing nutjobs to shame. Because on Christmas day those volunteers helped prepare, cook, and serve a thousand meals to the homeless at the Loaves and Fishes kitchen in Sacramento, California.

Not exactly the actions of terrorists, are they, Trump, Cruz, Carson, and fellow haters in the GOP?

Kiran Fareed, who was volunteering on Christmas for the first time, remarked:

“Giving one day of our time isn’t that much. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces the children and the families is definitely a meaningful experience. When [my non-Muslim friends] hear all these things about Muslims, you know, with so many things being said, [I say to people] look around you and the Muslims you know who are your friends your neighbors and that’s the true faith of Islam. That’s what we believe in.”

The President of the American Muslim Voice Foundation, Khalid Saeed, added:

“All religious are different, but all religions are the same. As a human, we are serving humanity. I’m a very proud Muslim, but I’m American also.”

Or as my grandmother used to say anytime another person questioned whether or not to help a person they didn’t know:

“We’re all God’s children, and he loves each of us the same.”

So to the people who may read this and still want to hate others because they are of a different color, nationality, sexual preference, or religion, I remind you that anyone who hates another person before they ever make an attempt to truly know that person is actually engaging in the act of self-hatred.

As the wonderful people from the American Muslim Voice Foundation just taught us all, we are all here to help our brothers and sisters through this life. To not do so is to disobey the most basic function of humanity.

Featured Image Via Screenshot from ABC10