Find Out What Disgusting Habit This Man Is Terrorizing Brooklyn Residents With

I cannot stand the disgusting habit of people spitting in public. It’s absolutely abhorrent to see the act itself and also to see the spit puddled on the ground. That being said, I could not imagine having someone spit on me or my children, which is exactly what is happening in one Brooklyn, New York neighborhood.

Some residents of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens have complained that since November there is a young man who is going around spiting on people.

Residents have reported that this man indignantly spits at them just after screamingf*ck you” or suspiciously askingare you following me?” 

The individual does not discriminate based on gender or age, with the local news reporting that his youngest victim was only 3-years-old.

The 71st precinct of the NYPD is well aware of this serial spitter. The police are requesting that victims continue to report any attacks.

Stopping this man, however, will likely not come from police since any charge against him would only be a misdemeanor, or as one resident proclaimed, there are more important crimes that need to be solved even though “it can have a devastating emotional impact on victims.

Instead, residents are uniting together to catch the serial spitter. Some want to turn him into police for a hopeful arrest (even though this is not an “arrestable offense“), whereas others want to get him psychiatric help.

So far, residents have only been able to determine that the person is a 20 to 30-year-old, tall, thin Black man. At least one resident hopes someone will snap a picture so others will know exactly who to look out for since the current description is terribly vague.

With residents talking about this serial spitter and how to engage with him, hopefully they will be able to stop this disgusting serial spitter soon.

Watch this local news report from CBS New York:

Featured image is a screenshot from this video