Madness? Couple Interrogates Rat

The world is filled with weird news. But when some news makes even weird news seem like child’s play,  it’s time to do a double-take and look at the situation again. This was the situation when a rat was caught stealing bananas. The rat in question was caught by a Chinese couple as it was nibbling away on the fruit.

The Rat
Image via Flickr by Jean-Jacques Boujot under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

In the original video, the woman was shown interrogating the rat, which was tied by its hands and feet to a water bottle. The couple made the whole matter even more bizarre as they ‘questioned’ it about its love for bananas and if it had any accomplices.

The original video, which was uploaded to, had already been watched over 80,000 times and comments posted by viewers range from one saying the woman doesn’t seen too intelligent, while adding that there was absolutely no need for the video to made and uploaded online.

Some criticized the couple, calling their actions cruel while some got a kick out of watching the video, describing it as funny.

On whatever side of the divide you fall, you can’t but wonder if this couple doesn’t need to be mentally checked for doing that to the poor animal.

See the video below:


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