This Portrait Brilliantly Captures Trump And His Most Vile Comments

When some of us think of Donald Trump we think about how he is a sexist, bigot, and racist. We base our opinions on the statements he has made from before and after his run for president. British artist, Conor Collins, took these despicable comments and brilliantly created a painting that includes some of the “most vile comments” Trump has made.

Collins tweeted the following rendition of Trump:

In creating this portrait, Collins:

“selected quotes that he found particularly bigoted or misinformed, in order to create the portrait of the Republican frontrunner.”

Collins opined:

The Trump campaign started off laughable and we all, across the globe, laughed at this silly man trying to buy and bully his way into politics….Although his comments are ridiculous, his campaign has grown in strength and he has become dangerous. He is normalising racism, bigotry and sexism and is using it to further his career.”

Though across the pond, Collins couldn’t be more correct. The most frightening thing is that as Trump continues to spew this awfulness, people ignorantly continue to support him. They believe that somehow he will be good for America. I am puzzled how they cannot see who Trump really is based on the words that come out of his own mouth.

Featured image is a screengrab from Twitter