Bundy Militants Left Explosives, Feces-Filled Trench On Sacred Native American Land

Image Via IBTimes

The militants domestic terrorists who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for six weeks decided it wasn’t quite enough to illegally seize federal property. While they were there, they also planted explosives and dug a gigantic trench which they filled with human feces. The trench, it should be noted, is also adjacent to land sacred to Native Americans.

According to court documents filed this week, the FBI is now was working with members of the Burns Paiute Tribe to assess any damage to the tribe’s artifacts and sacred burial grounds at the wildlife refuge. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ethan Knight and Geoffrey Barrow report that the FBI Evidence Response Team found a “significant amount” of human feces located on or near the sacred grounds.

As part of the standoff, which some militants said was partially because the government was “disrespecting Native American culture and heritage,” some of the men associated with the Bundy clan shot a video which showed them harshly handling Native American artifacts.

The real reason for the takeover of federal land–a felony–turned to be much more selfish and petty than imaginable: It was a “protest” of the return to prison of two Oregon ranchers who had been convicted of setting fires that later spread to federal land, yet another felony, known as arson.

Yet despite the damage these moronic whiners did to sacred land, they maintain that they were trying to make a larger point about the overreach of federal regulation on lands controlled and protected by the United States. Some of these cowards are also opposed to paying mandatory grazing fees to graze their cattle and a few, such as Cliven Bundy, have run up multimillion dollar tabs by refusing to pay the fees.

And these parasites say they want respect, want to be heard. They most certainly will be heard: by a federal judge right before he sentences them to what I hope will be long sentences.

Featured Image Via IBTimes