Casket Becomes Epic Yearbook For Teen Who Died Of Leukemia

While on a wait list for a stem cell transplant, Laura Hillier, a Canadian teen from Burlington, passed away as she succumbed to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. At the Juravinski Cancer Center she was surrounded by her parents and sister to the end.

In early February, a heart-rending photo from the funeral service was posted by one of her fellow students. The photo featured a white casket autographed all over with signatures and parting-words from friends and relatives. The casket was meant to be a unique yearbook.


Laura did receive her yearbook from high school, according to the Hope for Laura Hillier Facebook page. However, the autographs on the casket were open demonstrations of love for Laura and support for the cause.


A report from the Burlington Post confirmed that a stem cell donor was identified. Nevertheless, Laura was not able to receive the stem cell transplant due to a shortage of beds at the Juravinski Cancer Center. Laura and her mother made the public aware of the dire situation in July of 2015.


After nearly four years of remission from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Laura suffered a relapse last May. After a second remission, she gave in again to the disease November 2015. The most recent relapse could have been avoided if she had received a transplant soon enough.

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation has set up a charity campaign in honor of Laura Hillier.

Watch below a video of Laura performing before her death.

Featured image via video screengrab. Other images via Facebook.