Chicago Hot Dog Shack Welcomes Trump To Town With ‘Art Of The Meal’ 3-Inch Trumplongs

It makes sense, with all the focus being on Donald Trump’s junk, lately, that The Wiener’s Circle, in Chicago, Ill., would want to get in on the fun of welcoming the Republican presidential front-runner to the city for Friday’s rally at UIC Pavilion. After anonymous, obviously political, enthusiasts made their thoughts on Trump’s pending arrival public by vandalizing a “Vote Trump” billboard so that it read “F*CK Trump,” The Wiener’s Circle decided to run a one-of-a-kind “Art of the Meal” special welcoming the former reality star to the city.

The deal is only good for the weekend Trump will be in town, but features a few options, according to the Circle’s creative director, Brendan Kelly. First and foremost there is the “Trump footlong,” or “Trumplong,” coming in at right about 3-inches of actual frank.

One can also opt for the “Trump Package,” offering two of the Donald’s “no problems here” grandstanders, along with fries and a beverage.

Then there’s the “Super PAC,” which is the same as the “Trump Package,” only with four Trumplongs for your guilty, greedy pleasure.

Prices range for the meals from just under $3 to a little under $13. Kelly said:

“At The Wiener’s Circle, we’re going to do our part to make him feel at home. Americans are hungry for a  good old fashioned Trump footlong.”

Kelly said the Circle is even thinking of giving the wiener shack a temporary make-over for Trump’s time in town. One idea he shared was possibly having staff wear hats that say: “MAKE WIENERS GREAT AGAIN.”

Another idea Kelly said he is playing around with is building a wall to poke fun at Trump’s “plan” to build a wall along the Mexican-American border. Kelly joked:

“I believe that the tagline for the wall is, ‘We’re going to build a wall to keep E. coli out and make Chipotle pay for it.’ As of now, we’ve heard nothing back [from Chipotle], but you know, that’s why you gotta play hardball with these guys.”

The Wiener’s Circle’s “Art of the Meal” may offer three-inch “footlongs” in honor of Donald Trump, but Kelly assures hot dogs lovers far and wide, what the Trumplongs lack in size, they make up for in flavor, Chicago-style.

As the vandalized billboard, The Wiener’s Circle and the video below clearly show, Chicago can’t wait to welcome Trump to town.

Featured image by The Wiener’s Circle via Twitter screen capture.