What Does Hillary Listen To? Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Favorite Jams

Hillary Clinton held an interview on SiriusXM with the mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, on Thursday. Levine asked her what genres of music she would play if she had her own radio station, and her answer proves she is just like all of us.

The Democratic presidential hopeful answered that her favorite music includes Sheryl Crow, who is a Clinton campaign supporter, classic rock-and-roll, and “soothing” classical music for days when she is buried in paperwork. She also said she is a big fan of Adele:

“I’m currently into Adele. That is my go-to voice. I have such a huge admiration for her skills, her ability, and her personality.”

This interview follows the Univision Democratic Candidate Debate on Wednesday, during which she said she is not a “natural politician” like former president Bill Clinton or President Obama. Clinton has a lot to gain by making herself seem accessible and honest to voters. Clinton said, concerning her campaign:

“This is harder for me. I admire the skills my husband and President Obama have. They’re charismatic and they’re compelling and they’re great orators.”

Clinton is often criticized for seeming scripted or stiff during speeches and debates. She was asked if she lied in an e-mail to her daughter about the attacks at Benghazi. She was asked, yet again, about the private e-mail server she used during her time as Sectary of State.

Clinton was also confronted with the results of a national poll that found only 37% of Americans find her to be trustworthy, to which she responded:

“It’s painful for me to hear that, and I do take responsibility.”

A question from an audience member created an emotional moment during Wednesday’s debate. A woman from Guatemala asked Clinton how she planned to put families back together. Her answer was heartfelt and sincere; she began by saying that she was proud of the woman’s bravery for being there to ask that question.

Hillary Clinton is trying hard to make herself seem like a genuine candidate who will fight as hard as she can for the American people. She is trying to change her reputation as an untrustworthy establishment politician, which could hurt her chances in a general election.

Featured image is by Alan C., available under a Creative Commons license.