Man Claims ‘Allergy To Black People’ To Justify Assault

An Iowa man claims he’s so allergic to black people that he had to wear a surgical mask in order to punch them.

Andy Benavidez, 47, was arrested on Sunday in Iowa City, Iowa after allegedly telling police he punched an African-American simply because he was “allergic to black people.”

The dangers of racism are huge. Aside from bigots choosing to deliberately look down on people for their race, religion, or nationality, it also invites the possibilities of emotional and physical attacks on the ‘victim race.’

This was pretty much what happened when an unnamed black man became the object of attack by the 47-year old Iowa man.

Benavidez admitted to police that he attacked the victim only because he was Black. He also claimed to be wearing the surgical mask because he didn’t want to get any germs from the African-American.


Benavidez definitely claimed that black people are walking germ-carriers.

The unnamed victim told police that Benavidez used racial slurs on him and then attacked him. In a bid to defend himself, he fought back.

For his efforts, Benavidez is charged with Assault – Violation of Individual Rights, which is considered a hate crime.

Considering that people like Benavidez always claim to have valid reasons for racially abusing others, it will be a genuine show of justice to make sure he receives the full punishment due to those who forget that we are all the same and cannot be segregated based on pigmentation or skin color.

It’s time to take a stand against these crimes and start dealing with them.



Image Credit: Eric Kleefeld via Raw Story.


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