60 Percent Of Republicans Embarrassed By GOP Presidential Race

Six out of 10 Republicans are embarrassed by the current GOP Presidential race, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News national poll that was released on Monday. The survey was conducted between March 17-20 and included 362 Republicans. An enormous majority of 88 percent viewed the party as divided, while 58 percent consider the tone of the race to be more negative than past elections.

These numbers come as no shock during a race which has seen GOP frontrunner Donald Trump maintain a double-digit lead in national polls. Trump has maintained a 16 percent lead, according to the CNN/ORC International Poll, but maintains only a 51 percent favorable rating. The recent spate of attacks on protesters at Donald Trump rallies and his subsequent handling of these situations is disapproved of by 40 percent of voters.

This is hardly surprising, considering Trump has made negative remarks about women, latinos, Muslims, immigrants, and more. Trump’s proposed policies involving mass deportation and building a wall along the American border with Mexico have also drummed up fear among voters. The New York Times/CBS News Poll released Monday also stated that half of all voters would be scared if Donald Trump were elected president, while another 19 percent said they would be concerned.

The same poll showed that both of Trump’s potential Democratic opponents would win a hypothetical election against the former reality television star. Senator Bernie Sanders maintains a 15 percent lead over Trump in the hypothetical election, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would win by 10 percent. The only Republican candidate favored in a race against Hillary Clinton was John Kasich, who polled six points higher.

These recent poll results show what many have been claiming for months: If Donald Trump wins the GOP Presidential nomination, it almost guarantees a successful Democratic campaign for the White House. With Trump suggesting riots among his supporters if he is not given the nomination despite leading at the Convention, it is easy to see why Republicans are dissatisfied with their leading candidate and his antics.

Featured Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.