Election Fraud Confirmed: AZ Voters’ Registrations Magically Switched, Says Sec. Of State

Is anyone really surprised that Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan confirmed the March 22 Arizona presidential primary in Maricopa County was riddled with election fraud, just as voters alleged? It’s no wonder really, especially when you consider the multiple credible accounts of voter suppression including the long lines, voters’ magically changing party affiliations, and vote switching.

Amid the chaos, the election board announced projected winners while thousands were still on line waiting to cast their ballots. There were so many complaints the Arizona Election Board held a hearing Monday March 28, to investigate voters’ claims, during which the crowd called for a re-vote and a nullification of the March 22 results after Sec. Reagan said, “We know it happened.”

Poof! Magic Registration Changes

Voters registered to one party found that when they showed up to vote in their party’s primary, their registrations had been magically changed. They swear they were registered as Democrats or Republicans, but found they’d been switched to no-affiliation or Independent. Some were switched to the Green Party and others were deleted entirely.

The magic switching voter registration issue is widespread, and not only happening in Arizona, but in New York, and Hawaii too.

Danny Robinson said his daughter, a lifelong registered Democrat, tried to vote, but was told no because, she found, found the system magically changed her to an Independent Sec. Reagan herself spoke of someone in her office with the same issue. She said,

This was something that I know happens, and I know it happened to people in this room. It’s not hearsay. It happened to someone in my own office. One of my employees was registered as a particular party, went to go vote, and I don’t want to divulge his personal details, but it happened to him.”

Most voters, like Bianca, had their registration cards to confirm she was a registered Democrat. She said she used that information to find her polling place, then went to vote a few days later, but… Poof! Bianca wasn’t just magically changed, but she was deleted completely.

Election Fraud And Voters Fraud Investigation Anonymous
Screenshot Of Voter Registration Via Anonymous Investigations

Patrick S. spoke on behalf of others to say,

I heard of elections being decided before hundreds were able to vote … You made people choose between voting and keeping their jobs … To the officials who caused this, you must resign. Stop pretending that incompetence and corruption are acceptable… We do not want platitudes … We want action and accountability.”

In another issue entirely, poll worker Diane Post testified to 36 incidents of vote switching, where all but three of those switches changed the vote from the Democrat to the Republican.

Poof! Goodbye Polling Places

According to AZ Central, the long lines are attributed to the lack of polling places. State Representative Jonathan Larkin, a Democrat, linked this serious issue of suppression and mismanagement to the recent SB 1516, which he says allows candidates to throw cash at each other, and could lead to “back-door deal-making.”

Rep. Larkin says that Maricopa County’s closing of 85 percent of polling locations is the result of this bill, leaving 800,000 to vote at 60 locations. In 2012, 300,000 people voted at 200 polling locations.

Voters Want A Redo, Investigations Continue

Ultimately, these disenfranchised voters received provisional ballots, but ballots from Independent or non-affiliated in the presidential preference election primary won’t be counted. Arizona is a closed primary state, and voters must register with the party for which they want to vote.

What’s almost worse is that Sec. Reagan confirmed there have been allegations in prior elections during the hearing, but never “to the level we’ve seen here,” so the Elections Board ignored them.

We’ve got to wonder… Had Sec. Reagan not come out and confirmed this same magic registration switch happened to a personal friend and colleague, how many more years would the Elections Board have ignored voters’ pleas for help with this particular fraud?

Sec. Reagan promised to crosscheck the provisional ballots with voters’ registrations to determine if any had been switched before the primary, but there will not be a redo, no matter how egregious the election fraud results turn out to be. With election fraud confirmed, we have to wonder… Why not?




Featured Image: Screengrab Of Arizona Elections Fraud Hearing Via YouTube, Voter Registration Via US Uncut.