This Blogger Is Using Humor To End Mom-Shaming

Say hello to Bunmi Laditan, a super healthy, blogger mom. She has written books and blogs about raising children. She also consults with bigger companies looking to increase their social media presence. She sounds like a super mom!

Last month she posted this funny picture of what looks like a fast food box of chicken nuggets and fries. This just highlights some of the high expectations society has on parents.

Photo via Facebook by Bunmi Laditan

She describes says the chicken she used as “organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken language that they wanted to die to nourish my children.” The breading on them is “gluten free almond meal and probiotics.” The “fries” in the picture are actually cut up “rutabaga spears from her own garden.” The box was made up as a craft she did with her children. And, she had to add that they ate it in a television-free living room. She tops it off by saying her son told her: “Mama, thank you for giving me life during my homebirth and this delicious, homemade dinner. I love you, goddess.”

This just points out the ridiculous expectations society puts on moms. Laditan posted this piece to give fellow mommies a few laughs. She is hitting back against the idea that EVERY meal has to be perfectly healthy. There is no need to feel guilty if you have one night where you don’t feel like cooking.

Laditan said:

“It’s such a hard gig, being a mom. I just want people to read my work to feel understood and like they’re enough. I want them to laugh. I guess deep down, that’s what I want for myself. My posts help me find community with other moms.”

Within a few days the post had gotten over 100,000 likes and 85,000 shares. Bunmi lives in Canada and declares her posts to be a “love letter” to other moms.

She said she uses her posts to deal with her own insecurities as a parent:

“(The posts) are more about making fun of my own insecurities that always swirl around about how I can do things better. I think moms enjoy them because they help relieve some of the internal pressure we carry around all the time.”

All of you mommies out there remember: it’s a hard job. Don’t be so hard on yourselves.


Featured image by Bunmi Laditan via Facebook.

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