13 Women Reveal The Most Sexist Questions They’ve Been Asked At Job Interviews

We have definitely made major strides in women’s rights over the last few decades, but we still have a long way to go. Women’s reproductive rights are constantly under attack. Equal pay and paid family leave are also programs that the presidential candidates shouldn’t even be an issue, but politicians argue it, anyway. Unfortunately, sexism is still around. To prove this, I’m presenting the top thirteen most sexist interview questions that real women were asked on a job interview. We all know employers would never ask men stuff like this.

1. Leading A Team Of Men


Yes, this poor girl was asked how she would lead a team of men. I bet a man would NEVER have been asked that question. Makes me wonder what the motive is. I wonder if they ask that because the men don’t want to work for a woman.

2. What does your dad/boyfriend do?

I don’t even know how I would answer this. Asking what my family members do is not a job interview question. It is (maybe) a question to ask for first-day-on-the-job small talk, but even that might not be a good question to ask.

3. Are you going to have children?

This question is illegal to ask in interviews, but somehow employers still do it anyway. They don’t want to hire someone with children because they need more time off. There is also the issue of if they will need maternity leave. Does ANYBODY ask the guys that? Nope! Check out this post to read about lots of women that have been asked this question.

4. Asking a woman to flirt with the customers?

Yes, this poor journalist was asked if she could flirt with customers to make them stay longer. Do men get asked to do this, either? NO! Of course not! Men are never asked to use their sex appeal to make it in a job!

5. “How do you function on days when you have your period?”

Yes, you read that correctly. This doctor was asked how she functions when she has her period. This makes my blood boil! I have actually been asked this on a job, but luckily it was a coworker. He also got fired not long after for that and other reasons.

6. Not exactly a question, but still appalling!

“We don’t deal with princesses here.” Seriously? I’m not entirely sure what type of job this was for. But, any woman can take out the trash if she has to. Treating potential employees this way is not the way to hire/keep them.

7. Asking For Husband’s Input

Ugh! What are these employers thinking?! “What does your husband think?” That is no one’s business. A woman should be able to have a career on her own without input/approval from ANYONE.

8. “Do you get PMT?”

I know this is similar to number 5, but it’s still bad in its own right. Pre-menstral tension (PMT) is a new term for me. But, generally asking about PRIVATE bodily functions is never a good idea.

9. Traitor to their gender

I’m not sure of the circumstances here, but calling someone a gender traitor just doesn’t seem like something a man would be asked. Female lawyers can defend women if they want to or if they get assigned to it.

10. Bringing age into the interview questions

The lady that writes this blog wrote about an interview where the HR manager asked, “Why should I hire you considering you are 23 and will get married soon and quit?” My jaw dropped just reading this. Not everyone in their early 20s is getting married and popping out babies! People need to quit putting women into these stereotypical roles.

11. Asking an MBA interviewee about modeling

Yes, you read that correctly. The same lady from the blog in number ten said a friend of hers got asked if she ever considered a career in modeling. That might be an okay question if she’s interviewing in the entertainment industry, but this was an MBA interview. The girl’s looks should not be ANYWHERE near a factor!

12. Makeup

Photo courtesy of Tumblr
Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Yes, a woman was actually asked to wear more makeup. Do men get asked this? Of course not! Not only is this sexist, it’s mean. Does asking for more makeup mean that they think she’s ugly?! I hope not.

13. One I’ve Experienced

Yes, I have a real sexist interview question I’ve been asked. I was asked in an interview if I can work overtime. I said I could do some but not a lot. The interviewer then asked, “You don’t have kids to where you can’t do you?” This just goes to show you that it can happen to anyone.

Featured image by Alan Cleaver via flickr, available under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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