Church Man By Day, Aspiring Murderer By Night: Meet The Mad Puppeteer (VIDEO)

Ventriloquists tend to capture our imagination with their little bags of tricks. There seems to be no end to what they can mimic and the rest of us folks always wonder how they seem to talk without moving their lips. The puppets convey salient issues with humor; at the promptings of the puppeteers, of course.

In the case of ventriloquist Ronald Brown, though, that ability seems rather creepy.

Mr. Brown (seen in the video below) was a celebrated puppeteer and a constant feature at birthday parties, schools, and churches. However, in 2012, he was arrested by police after he was implicated in a child prostitution ring.

It didn’t end there as police also said he was in the midst of an elaborate plan to go cannibalistic. He had planned to kidnap, cook, and eat several children.

Now, who does something like that except a demented fellow?

In the video below, ‘Ron’ and his creepy puppet Marty talk about porn and you can’t but wonder how a supposedly Christian puppeteer will choose to talk about that subject. Even at its creepiest, the video seems to suggest that Ronald had it in him to do something really demented like cooking and eating several children.

Luckily for all kids, Ronald Brown received a 20-year prison sentence in 2013. While some may say that serves him right, others may have the gnawing feeling that 20 years isn’t long enough to incarcerate a man with an elaborate plan for evil.

This also goes to show that not everyone that is a self-styled Christian should be taken at face value, and all must be measured by their fruits.

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Featured Image: Melancholytron Via Flickr Under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 License

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