This Is The Kind Of Threatening Email Right Wing Nutjobs Send Our Writers (Language Warning: NSFW)

We here at Liberal America go after lots of Republican ideas and people. We get PLENTY of hate mail and hateful comments all day, every day! Today, for your entertainment purposes, I’ve got an email I received on my personal blog last night. This guy took the time to read my articles, hunted for my website in my profile, and sent me this email:

via gmail
via gmail

He opens with calling me fat, proving that he doesn’t have an intelligent argument right off the bat. It’s got the whiny tone of a 10-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. “You aren’t a journalist, you’re a piece of shit!” He accuses me of hate and fear mongering as well. A lot of my articles point out hateful things that Republicans say about us liberals, or about any group that is not solely comprised of white, straight men. I’m just turning their ignorance right back at them.

The funniest part is him accusing me of cyber-bullying in a cyber-bullying email. Is this like some kind of bully-ception I haven’t heard of? It seems like he’s mad at someone else and is unleashing his hate on me.

Another gem is “I’m so done with people like you.” Really? If you’re done with people like me, why are you sending me e-mails? What group are you lumping me in with?

Also–“self-afflicted b**ching.” Now he has shown his lack of logic skills. Does he think I’m bitch about myself? I don’t get it.

He did give me a career opportunity to consider, though. I’ve never thought about doing porn. I’m sure he knows a lot about porn, since watching it in his parent’s basement is probably the closest he gets to actual sex.

Also, telling people to choke is kind of teetering on the edge of being a death threat. Hope he learns his lesson and quits his “job” of being a troll.


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